Wheelchair Glider – Adult

Cost is $1299.00 per unit 

Please Call to Order (503) 428-8564

Product Available for US Orders Only
Standard Shipping Cost is $200.00 per Unit
Please Allow 5-6 Weeks for Delivery

The Wheelchair Glider Adult Model

  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (Terms & Conditions)
  • Manufactured with Quality Materials – Aluminum and Birch Plywood
  • Sturdy and Durable – One Year Warranty (Terms & Conditions)
  • The Standard Color is White. For an Additional Fee of $50.00, Custom Colors are Available.

Discounts Available for Institutions who Purchase 3 or More Units at a Time
(Please call for information)

“How to Measure” for the perfect fit.

Please help us get your Wheelchair Glider to “fit” your needs by sending measurements when you order.

“Please take pictures of the following measurements holding a measuring stick or tape, and email or text pictures”

Width of Chair Front Wheels
(Click on Image to View)

Length of Chair Middle Front Wheel to Back of Rear Wheel
(Click on Image to View)

Width of Chair Rear Wheels
(Click on Image to View)

The Diameter of Chair Leg
(Click on Image to View)