When you MOVE you IMPROVE Quality of Life!

Our patented design provides an effortless gliding motion providing hours of calm, restful enjoyment to just about everyone! This comforting wheelchair glider is absolutely perfect for people of all ages!  Feel the exhilarating freedom of motion in a wheelchair glider! You’ll experience the magnificence of movement… build confidence, improve balance, circulation and even independence! It is simply more relaxing and comfortable…The Wheelchair Glider provides an amazing fluid, gliding motion for wheelchair-users. The glider is so responsive, gentle movement can be generated simply by moving your head, slightly moving your body, or by using the soft-grip handles for greater glider motion. Rocking and gliding is simply more comfortable! Who doesn’t like to rock and glide? May also be used as part of a therapeutic program.

Medical research articles support the benefits of a gliding, rocking motion to enhance brain function, circulation and balance.

In a nutshell, a soothing rocking motion is:

  • Therapeutic
  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances range of motion
  • Relaxing
  • Promotes circulation in both arms and legs
  • Fulfills people’s longing for motion (swinging, rocking)
  • Comforting
  • Improves the quality of life through movement
  • Effortless

The Wheelchair Glider is not only therapeutic but also relaxing and fun. Adults and children and everyone in-between absolutely love it!

The Wheelchair Glider Provides a Fluid, Gliding Motion like a Home Glider